Roomba Vacuum Toad Cover DIY


iRobot revolutionized the whole home appliance industry by launching Roomba, the robotic vacuum cleaner some years ago. If you thought your Roomba was a tad too stylish, why not make him look a little gross and have a nice laugh at his cost? Someone has just created the i-toad, a cover for the Roomba which makes him transform from being a prince to literally being a toad.

This might remind you of the fairy tale where someone kisses a toad to reveal a handsome prince! The cover has been created with felted Romney and Jacob wool. It of course comes with some glass eyes to make the cover look like a real toad. Surprisingly, the cover on Roomba really does look like a real toad! There is no information whatsoever about either the artist or if it would be made available commercially.

The guys at i-Robot must be having a nice time laughing at the degradation of their creation, though in a good humored way. This DIV i-toad cover does not even come with instructions so you would have to fend for yourself in order to make your own cover. Roomba has had other DIY projects inspired by him, and you could try the Pacman Roomba Vacuum DIY. The Wall E Roomba is a good bet too, if you want to try something innovative.

Via: ChipChick