Mega Man Munny Doll


Capcom’s Rock Man is also famously known as Mega Man and now he is back in the limelight but in a Munny form. This custom designed Munny doll (Thanks Avatar666 for the images!) looks quite cute, but Mega Man has a frown for a reason I can’t really understand. He also seems to have an oversized head which makes him look very young. I wonder if we shall soon see Munny dolls of Dr. Wily and his army of robots.

Even if Munny dolls of all his enemies were created, Mega Man surely comes with an immense speed and strength. There is also no denying that his arm cannon will come to use in a ‘doll fight’ just as well as it would in the video game. However, he must make sure there are no spikes around the enemy robots as that would prove fatal to him.


It would indeed be nice to imagine all these with a Munny doll around you, and I do hope there would soon be dolls of his enemies as well, as that would make Megaman Munny’s existence worthwhile. Mega Man’s vinyl Munny Doll will surely be a hit among all his fans and also among others, and maybe widen the fanbase. I only wish he looked a little cheerful though. Talking about vinyl dolls, here is A Clockwork Orange Doll which might interest you.