Lego Figures Business Cards


When you learned all those software to edit text and create business cards, you must have thought why it is necessary to have a business card in the first place! LEGO has a new way of making their employees look like they are a bunch of kids. They provide their employees with ‘business cards’ Lego figures that have information printed on the minifigs. The name would be printed on the front and the rest of the information would be printed at the back.

I am not sure if these Lego figures can be customized to look the way you want them to look, but I am certainly sure I wouldn’t walk around a business card like this! It would however serve as an additional fun alternative along with the more serious business cards. Nevertheless, I must say this is one of the more innovative business cards I have come across lately.

If LEGO minifigs aren’t your cup of tea, you should try the stylish Digital Business Card which is much more than just a business card. The Animated Business Card would again appeal to the less serious of folks amongst us. Coming back to the LEGO minifigs, are we going to see Cammy sculpture business cards and other video game character based cards soon, for the employees of gaming companies?

Via: ShinyShiny