Star Trek Funeral Gadgets


If you are a crazy Star Trek fan, you would not want to die leaving the good old show behind you, would you? Eternal Image has come up with a solution for those of you who have a morbid fascination with Star Trek and all its themes. They have created urns and caskets whose themes revolve around this cult saga.

It no longer matters whether you would like to be buried or you would want to go up in flames and reduced to ashes when you die. If burial is what you prefer, you could choose the casket and if you want to be reduced to ashes, you could write in your will that you would want your ashes stored in Star Trek urn.

I somehow do not see anything particularly Star Trek-like in these morbid designs but I must say they do look quite grand. Moreover, you would have the satisfaction of taking Star Trek with you, even when you leave behind your earthly abode. Apparently, the urns will arrive sooner than the caskets which are expected next year. I guess the company does not like people who believe in cremation and would like to see them contained in their urns sooner.

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Via: Coated