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Some people have bizarre fetishes that include staring at the clocks for a very long in order to get off. For people with a fetish for clock-staring, the Pong Clock seems to be an interesting addition to their collection of clocks. Even if you don’t have a bizarre fetish like that, Buro Vromkrijgers’s Pong Clock is still an interesting concept.


The clock comes with a game of Pong and it randomly plays; and the players score ‘time’. The left player struggles to score the hours and the right player struggles even harder to score the minutes. This strange clock creates an unreal feeling where the players in the clock struggle to score the ‘time’ they eventually ‘win’ anyway. This fun clock was designed with a total effort of 15 years and the help of a Brazilian programmer-friend.


The clock is still in a conceptual stage and the prototype certainly looks interesting. There is no information about the product, if it is ever going to be manufactured. If you do not want to purchase the clock, there are screensavers available for free and you could encourage the designer with some donations. If you enjoy classic video games like the Pong, there are chances you would also like the Classical Game Ties, which we had featured a couple of weeks ago.


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  7. Ken.

    Getting the screensaver version is more promising to me. 🙂
    I’ve downloaded the Pong Installer. And it’s pretty nostalgic as it’s the first game I played in my 386 PC. 🙂


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