Rubik’s Cube Wannabe Speaker Mood Light


It would be a blatant lie if someone told me that they didn’t have a sob song on their playlist just after a breakup, so this translates into the fact that our playlist simply reflects our mood. And now with Rubik Cube look alike Mood Speaker Light, things could just get easier.

This is no extra-engineered stuff, just a light gadget with as much as 27 Multi-colored LED that too feels like relating to your emotions by flashing and changing colors to the beat. When you want it to just quietly make value additions to your ambience, your could turn on the demo modes where with no music input, it still delivers a charming light-show. The Audio connector makes way for your favourite singles which can be tucked neatly when not in need. It runs on 3 AAA batteries and PerpetualKid is retailing it for as much as $50. Well, its something that can please anyone and with an easy price,  is a great gift too.

Other light accessories that can get heads spinning are a similar Mood Light gadget and the Rubik’s Cube Lamp Concept.