Portable Barcode Scanner Gadget


With almost all the products coming with barcodes these days, it becomes almost impossible to keep a track of all the belongings one might possess. Intelliscaner is a barcode reader which can scan up to two hundred and fifty barcodes.

If that sounds a like a lot of barcodes to you, well think about all the movies, games, comic books, and even grocery that you may be having in your house. If you happen to lend a movie or a game to someone, you can always keep a track of your belongings so that no one can fool you.

Moreover, the Intelliscanner helps you with all kinds of lists, especially the ones related to the pantry. All you would need to do is scan all your stuff as you finish using them and when you go to the supermarket, you will already have a list! The Intelliscanner is battery powered and comes with buttons to scan and delete. You could use the USB interface in order to download the barcode details. What’s more, it is even RoHS compliant!

The gadget runs on a rechargeable internal battery and costs $249.99 at ThinkGeek.com The price somehow does not appeal to me, though the product is pretty cool with all that barcode reading functions. If you would like to consider other options, try checking out the Digital Receipt Scanner.