Star Wars Matryoshka Dolls Set


Star Wars has so many different collectibles and figures for their millions of different characters, so it is really refreshing to see a Matryoshka doll set that not only looks amazing but could stand up proud.



This hand painted Matryoshka doll set was created by Matt Brown as a Christmas gift for his brother. As he mentioned, it wasn’t an easy task, but the results as you can see are very much fulfilling.




From His Blog:

I bought a set of blank Matryoshka dolls online and painted them with acrylic. It took several evenings to finish, whilst watching the original trilogy. There was quite a bit of cursing here and there, and the hair-drier came in very handy, but I think it turned out fairly well.


With the sizes varying from a six inch Darth Vader doll to a 1 inch Yoda, the set stores inside one another as should, and is definitely something Star Wars fans would drool for.



When asked about some personal feedback about such a project, Matt added:

Well, my brother loves them – which made all the fretting worthwhile. And since posting it on my blog I’ve actually had a few requests to do private commissions on other themes. It’s brought people to my site that otherwise wouldn’t have seen it. One was a band wanting me to do some work for their next album cover, after seeing the dolls – which is fantastic.




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Well Done Matt! Thank you for the images and taking time to talk.