Classic Arcade Joystick Coat Hangers


Retro Arcade gaming has a charm that none of the technically advance and graphically rich modern games can match with; Arcade games were especially popular when we were young and they have remained the favorites after all these years.

The hangUP Arcade coat hooks are arcade joystick designed for the lovers of these classic retro games in order to bring back the old school spirit back to our lives. Most of us would nostalgically remember those days anyway, when we used to play those simple games with utmost concentration and relish. The hangUP coat hooks are hand crafted and only the most genuine arcade parts are used.

These Arcade Joystick coat hooks also come with a genuine black walnut finish which adds to the retro quality of the product.


You can go ahead and choose your favorite color and the number of ‘players’ you want on your cloth hangUP. The colors include black, red, blue, green, pink, yellow and even white to make the whole retro deal a riot of colors. The prices would depend on the number of hooks you would buy and hence, try buying and you would know how much you would need to spend.

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