Tetris Dinnerware Plates Design


Instead of being cooped up in front of the TV set trying to break your Tetris record, you could bring the game bricks with you to the dinner table with the dinnerware designed entitled Tetrish.


This innovative dinnerware plates design by Seungyoub Oh is shaped like the Tetris bricks we grew up on. While being highly clean looking and esthetically styled, these plates do more than just serve pastries and cakes; they provide an easy way to carry dishes out to your party in an efficient and practical fashion.


If you are a good Tetris player, then it would be extremely easy for you to set up the plates in the most efficient way to take out to your guests. Simply set the plates on the tray, so all the plates make the perfect score, place the hors d’Oeuvres, desserts or appetizers in their place…and take out to the party. By each plate being a separate part of the platter, it is simple to divide and serve the food to different areas of the table or room.


In addition, this could also be a cool way to serve food at a cafeteria. Think about it…each “entree” or “section” that is included in a complete meal, would be placed on a different shaped brick, so in the end, you have a full Tetris tray with each part of the food pyramid on it.


With all the modern dinnerware, plates and dishes that we see everyday, I think Tetrish is a really clever and imaginative concept. Hopefully it could really see the light of day, so we could get a little break from gaming and start eating.


Thanks a lot Seungyoub for the beautiful images and information.