Top 15 Geeky Egg Shaped Gadgets for Easter

Easter is this Sunday and while many are going Egg Hunting, it doesn’t mean you can’t still be a geek for this Holiday with some Egg Shaped Gadgets.

In order to help celebrate this Holiday while surfing the net, we have put together a cool list of the Top 15 Geeky Egg Shaped Gadgets which are made for this for innovation, fun, kitchen purposes or for other cool reasons.

We couldn’t cover them all in one place, but we still hope you enjoy this cool gadgets list and have a wonderful Holiday season.

Egg Separator


This may not be the prettiest thing in the world but is definitely hilarious. I mean, just try and find another cool gadget that makes you laugh while separating eggs.

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Binary Code Egg


Ok, you got me…this is just a regular egg but what makes it Geeky is the binary code that was simply written on it. It may not much to look at, but to the Geekiest nerd, this would probably be the funniest joke of the day. I just hope they could share what’s so funny about it.

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Adult Egg Masturbator


It isn’t as high tech as the RealTouch pleasuring gadget for men, but without getting into too many details and explanations, this Tenga Egg masturbator is supposed to enhance the sexual pleasure for men just as well. Why is it shaped like an egg? I cannot answer those questions.

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Egg Shaped Cellphone


This is a cellphone concept at the moment but provides the look and aerodynamics of an egg. While the egg is a very simple food item, it has its benefits and cool style that even Hi Tech cellphone companies would love to imitate.

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Egg Light Gadget


The simple white eggs are so familiar to everyone, but as an actual light source it is something unheard of. These cool egg light (not whites) provide a well lit glow which if you gather an entire egg carton worth could really light up the room (and kitchen).

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Egg Speaker and Charger


This cool concept provides an egg shaped pai of speakers. When the egg hatches open, it separates the two speakers and also show the subwoofer base beneath. Unfortunately, it is a concept and not a real gadget but it does seem stylish for the entire year, not just Easter.

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Sound Eggs


There are many Egg shaped speakers but none look similar to opened poached eggs. The Sound eggs provide both an aerodynamic look and also could fit the style of the Mac geeks by its color and shape.

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Egg Ergonamic Chair


As there are the fitness balls that aim to make your exercise time more efficient, so is the ergonamic egg chair that is supposed to help your posture while surfing the net. I’m certain many would be intimidated by its shape and size, but they say that eggs are healthy for you.

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Egg Shaped Printer


This miniature USB printer may be egg shaped, but it is still nicely designed and won’t take too much additional room on your work desk. Besides, it would make it really easy to print labels, and since it is USB powered and portable…easy to take along everywhere you take your laptop.

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Egg Hand Warmer


This cool gadget is in the style and design of the Nightmare Before Christmas but is supposed to warm you up and not scare you. It is a simple egg that provides additional health benefits such as: cure arthritis, lumbago and headache, cervical vertebra disease, chilblains…etc. We mentioned before that eggs are supposed to be good for you, haven’t we?

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LED Colored Egg Light


There may be the regular egg glow, but for those that want to make a disco party, these colorful egg led lights are a better choice. There are 4 to a carton and come in the different colors of Blue, Green, Yellow and Red.

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Egg Shaped Speakers


This miniature egg shaped speakers aren’t a concept an will make your music time a little more…wobbly. These cute speakers open up, can connect to your iPod or other MP3 players and also have a rechargeable  battery to make sure you can keep using it over and over.

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The Egg Cracker Gadget


After you finally find all the Eggs you were hunting for, they could still be made into a great breakfast or used to bake a cake. For those reasons, or just to have fun while cracking eggs, this Egg cracking kitchen gadget is the remedy. Now, I’m not sure how many people have such a hard time cracking eggs, but someone had to invent a gadget for it.

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Egg Clock and Cellphone Sensor


In case you don’t only want an egg shaped clock, this cool egg gadget is also a cellphone sensor. If you want less noise at home and keep your cellphone on vibrate, this cool gadget will jump up and down when a phone is being received.

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Colored Egg MP3 Player


Don’t confuse this Egg Music Player with all the painted eggs that are in the easter baskets, for this cool egg has built in speakers, 1GB storage and also comes with a remote control. It may be colorful like those that the children are looking for, but it is simply made for another purpose.

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