Wall E Computer Case Mod


Some of the best things in life are not available in shiny stores, but in the workshop of talented modders. Somebody from Russia has created a WALL-E computer case mod which not only looks good but is also quite functional. This little devil is inspired by the 2008 animated movie of the same name.



The modder required 18 days to complete the project and used metal sheets which he cut carefully. You could use this case mod in place of boring computer accessories which force you down the lane of drudgery. The case comes with color coded sockets to insert plugs and reminds me of a retro gadget that would have seemed futuristic few decades ago.



However, do not expect this case mod to clear up all the mess in your room, if that is what you thought WALL E did. If you are a great fan of this cool animated film, you could also try to clear up the dirt filled planet with the aptly titled WALL E Roomba Vacuum. If you are not really fond of WALL E or his lover Eve, you might perhaps want to take a look at the Top Computer Case Mods we had featured earlier.


Via: Geekologie and EnglishRussia