The Joker Action Figure Looks So Real it’s Scary


If we had to ever personify organized chaos and mayhem, it would be nonetheless the Joker from the Dark Knight.  No one can actually stop savoring on the brilliant performance that Heath Ledger rendered, and Hot Toys is going to make it more ravishing.



The flawless sculpt, the real mean eyes, articulate attire and a heaven-full of props will sweep you off your feet. There was certainly no dearth of Joker toys around, but not everyone could do justice to this character.



The Toy-Giant is all set to release Deluxe line collectible action figures of characters with Joker as its first Movie Master-piece entrant.  The makers had planned to release it in “early 2009” and I think it would be better to not stretch dates any further. These will sell as hot cakes, so you better make a pre-release order if such option exists.



Check out the Realistic Joker Heist Mask and Joker threatening Curious George Cartoon that we featured earlier which doesn’t stand close to this action figure, but is of its kind.

Product Via ShockMansion