Anime Girls Computer Case Mods


We have seen many different Computer case mods before that are very detailed and extravagant but none are as sexy as these Anime girls computer cases.


These two Anime computer case mods really make it fun to wake up in the morning to check your email. They present two beautiful Anime girls that are just there for show but provide a home for your entire computer.


I personally cannot decide which I would prefer and if they are even of a legal age, but the thought and detail is beautiful. I mean, these two girls are sexy, provide a great Anime tribute and also provide a geek heaven right at the home office.


Since the two cases are basically a Styrofoam design that is placed over the regular computer, there aren’t any specific specs that should be met…except a love for the artwork and girls from the Anime films.


The best one is when the girl is sitting right next to you during your day of surfing the net. Who would deny such beautiful company?


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