Cool Promotional Paparazzi Car Sun Shades


Paparazzi are some of the most hated breed on this planet but certainly, the namesake magazine from Argentina is loved all across Latin America. Since they celebrated their 5th birthday recently, they decided to get the cool copywriters at Publicis ad agency to help them do a promotional stunt. The result was something racy and brazen, with automotive sun shades being placed in cars near clubs where celebrity sightings usually happen.


The idea might perhaps have been to take on the real predatory paparazzi and confuse them into believing these automotive sun shades are for real. The featured models are well known in the country of tango and you have the usual rude middle fingers being directed at the “paparazzi” and some other hot scenes to create a faux-battle against the paparazzi.


It definitely was a great idea for the paparazzi magazine to take on their namesake in a humorous way. I am sure the magazine itself would have had a number of instances when its writers and journalists do their predatory hunting near these well known clubs of Buenos Aires. Perhaps you might want to get these automotive sun shades to fool paparazzi into believing you are a celebrity too!

Via: DivineCaroline