Computer Keyboard Pillows


Certain people who qualify as being more than regular geeks prefer to stay by their computers even when it is time to go to sleep. Such people might suffer from angst and dejection at the thought of leaving their favorite place by the system. If you are such a person, you would love the Pillow Keyboard for it turns your favorite apparatus of input into a comfy and soft pillow.

This pillow is still in the conceptual stage and hence, you may not be able to find it in any of the stores at the moment. The Pillow Keyboard could actually be a problem if one were to type for a long time. Many have noticed that the keyboard may not exactly be ergonomic as it would be soft and could making typing an uncomfortable task.

There have been many other interesting pillow designs we have featured earlier. If keyboards aren’t your thing, you must try the Laptop Pillow instead, as that would allow you to take your work and your sleep to any place you want! If all this geekish stuff makes you queasy, you must try and check out the terrifying Blood Pillow Design, which will surely put the geeks to rest, forever.

Via: TechChee