Anti Car Theft Sticker Design


After I lost my only high-end phone, my mom gave me another one which was used by my folks for almost a decade for she believed that it would deter thieves from eyeing my phone….same with these stickers.



The moment I read through this Anti-Car-theft Sticker Designs, the only expression I had on myself was ” My Good Lord” a sticker that makes your look worn-out and something that you care a darn about is what I am talking about. The makers believe this will discourage the bad guys to even consider stealing your car. But sale of scrap also fetches a decent amount, so you never know.



This is what I call backward integration when amid heavy-duty stuff, makers resort to simple concepts to change things around. It can be be put on both bikes and cars. Each sticker costs for as much as $5.8. But I am still wondering that putting these on  a shiny new car doesn’t defeat the actual purpose of buying a new car? Well, never mind, check the fake car stereo and Telsa coil Car Alarm as other anti-car-theft devices.


Via Coated