Geeky Computer Keyboard Keys Jewelry


We have already discussed how cufflinks are back in fashion and are currently the rage everywhere. It is quite amusing to note that cufflinks are gradually being associated with well dressed nerds who are into gaming or more nerdish stuff. Capitola Girl Jewelry has realized the demand for these cufflinks and also the associated nerdiness and thus have unveiled jewelry for men in particular.

This decision could be due to the fact that a lot of guys are not yet into wearing cufflinks or any other type of jewelry and usually it is the guys who are into nerdy stuff. Now that they saw an opportunity and a market, they have unveiled the glass tile pendants also known as Silicon Gallies. Each of the cufflinks feature a key from the keyboard and here we see the Pg Up and Pg Down.

However these could be custom ordered and any key that the nerd in you wishes could be ordered and a pair costs $23. These could also prove to be great gifts to nerdy guys if you know any around you. If you were interested in other styles of jewelry for guys and that too the nerdy types, you should try and check out the Mac jewelry and the Broken Image Necklace. I am sure these would create a fashion revolution among nerds and slowly they would begin to appreciate dressing trendy.

Via: Gizmodiva