Mouse Mod Made of Stone


If there was something that would come to your mind first when you heard the word Russia, it has to be the Bolsheviks, Leo Tolstoy, Soviet Regime, or the grand palaces in which the Tsars and Tsarinas lived. Nevertheless, the days of Soviet era and cold war have passed and it is time for the Russian nation to reinvent herself. In the process of reinvention, many Russian designers have tried to imbibe their cultural heritage in the products they design and some are really funny, if you ask me.

Russian designer Neko has designed the Mouse Made of Stone, which looks interesting to say the least. The stony-faced mouse comes with two buttons and even a scroll button to make your life easy. In my opinion, this is one of the coolest mice I have come across, though I do not see anything particularly Russian about it. Also, the price and availability is not known at this point of time.


Perhaps, it is because of the Russian heritage the designer has that the Stone Mouse turned out so cool, just like everything else about the country is cool. If you think this stone mouse is too heavy for your delicate and fragile hands, you are quite a loser. However, we still have a few interesting mouse designs already featured on this site. You could try the spine chilling Bone Mouse Mod and the retro chic Steampunk Mouse. However, I find the stone Mouse incredibly cool!

Via: Englishrussia