Funny Pacman Prank in France


For those that follow Pacman both on and off the game screen, here is a funny prank by the yellow characters (and the ghosts) that will sure to make people enjoy its senseless havoc.

Pacman and the ghosts go on a rampage in a French supermarket, golf course and poll hall acting out the popular Pacman game in real life. From the geeky costumes, colorful items and game sounds, this video is an entertaining ride if Pacman was played in real local French towns.


I can see how this hilarious video raise some Pacman gangs to go out on the town and feel as if they can do as they wish, because they are Paman and not a law abiding citizens. Oh well, it is another addition to the great collection of funnies, which includes the Pacman movie parody and even the Miss Pacman Hustler ad.

Via: Kotaku