Bacon Skateboard


Bacon, thought red meat, is the tastiest one could have for breakfast and is loaded with proteins and other nutrients. However, its yummy texture and look has inspired many designers and manufacturers to create tasty and delicious looking products.

With that in mind here is a simple but delicious looking bacon skateboard that you could use to whiz around while people not only gawk at your skateboarding skills but also unconsciously start salivating like Pavlov’s dog in the famous classical conditioning experiment. These skateboards measure 7 3/4”, have been designed to suit all terrains, and are enabled with the perfect competition shape.


Using the best quality hard maple, the manufacturers have created a saga of skateboards that begin to pump adrenalin the moment you cast your sight on them. There are different styles of bacon skateboards and they cost between $60 and $68.


They are not too expensive, look quite funny, and could be great attention grabbers. Like mentioned earlier, bacon certainly is one of those food products that continue to inspire product designers to create stuff that have an element of this delicious piece of red meat in them. The Bacon Wallet and the Bacon iPhone Case we had featured are examples of the huge range of products available.

Via: NerdApproved