Computer Keyboard Chair makes Perfect Geeky Furniture


For all the geeks among you who want to have a touch of their computer keyboard even when resting and taking time away from their computer, here is the perfect geeky furniture that is made of computer keyboards.


Geeks could never get enough accessories and furniture to help them feel at ‘home’ even when not at their geekiest moment, so this keyboard chair isn’t any surprise. Created by designer Dante Bonuccelli, this chair is comprised of 40 separate keyboards, which are fashioned as a fairly comfortable looking easy chair. In all fairness, I think the different keys could actually be nice to the back and provide a different feeling which may be said to be also a health benefit. Maybe I’m reaching.


Other cool geeky designs that this one reminded me of are the world’s longest keyboard,the Keyboard key stools, and the computer keyboard fashion bags.


Via: Crunchgear