Video Game Violence Shoots You in the Face


Close Range is the highly anticipated game, which is already being touted as the most important game of the year. The game allows players to shoot characters point blank in the face. While just the single player version is being talked about, there could be the multi-player version where players can shoot each others’ faces off. While the gaming world is quite excited about the game, there could be many critics who talk about the ill effects of extreme and graphic violence being so easily accessible.

The party poopers would certainly go all out against all the blood and gore, but they should also consider that many psychological studies have stated that playing video games alone cannot cause much harm to people’s minds. Certainly, there could be a possibility of The Onion’s new title Close Range going a tad too far, but arguments against the game can be countered by the fact that there are other violent games too, and those who feel disturbed about the gory images in the game have the choice of not playing the game.

Kids who buy and play the game usually are exposed to worse forms of violence on the TV and in everyday life. Hence, being paranoid about a graphically rich game would be quite not happening. If you thought all this talk about violence and gore is nauseating, catch the World of Warcraft parody. Nevertheless, other gore seekers can check out the other Violent Video Games we have listed.

By the way…this is a parody by the Onion, for those who may be freaked out.

Thank You Itamar for the link!