The Joker Heist Figure Makes You Want to Rob a Bank


Heath Ledger was one of the best actors we ever saw and the Dark Knight proved what a gem the world lost when he died. The movie itself was so amazing that many people have already been inspired to create art that is based on the theme of Dark Knight or Joker. Hot Toys has created an awesome 1/6 figurine of the Joker but in a bank robber avatar.

If you remember watching the movie, you would remember the cool scene in which the Joker robs a bank and triple crosses his wicked accomplices. The set itself is quite detailed and you could expect many things to go along with it like the duffel bags, a mask and two interchangeable heads. You would also get cool guns, cards and stuff that would make you go green, literally.

The cool bank robber inspired Joker set would be great for any Heath Ledger fan that are all fans of the Dark Knight. In addition, most people who like Dark Knight would love to have this as a collectors’ piece. At about 12 inches, the Joker can certainly sneak through any bank in order to rob in times of global meltdown. In fact, this figure is enough to make you want to rob a bank! You can also check out the Real Joker Figure we had featured earlier. Product

Via: FoxConsole