Rubik’s Cube Cake Looks Delicious


The Rubik’s Cube has never looked so tasty, colorful and sweet. It brings the most popular puzzle cube ever to a birthday party with one question in mind: Is there a solution?

Made by Tanya, this beautiful masterpiece probably made Karolina very happy…I know I would have been. When asked about the cake, she had some feedback about how it was made and brought together:

The chocolate cake was cut from a 250 x 350 cm slab tin, each square is 6″ and 2″ high, the top two tiers are on a small cake board for support. Covered in chocolate buttercream and black fondant, the colored squares were cut using a ribbon cutter then adhered to the cake with a little water. I used a metal ruler to mark an indented line between each row. I would recommend using a real Rubik cube to get the colored squares in the right place, this cake is impossible to solve!

Sorry to tell you, I know the easiest solution ever: just pig out and clean it up all alone.

If you like such themed cakes, make sure to take a look at the rocking Guitar Hero cake, Super Mario Galaxy cake, and some different iPhone cakes.  

Thanks Tanya for the images and information…this cake looks amazing!

16 thoughts on “Rubik’s Cube Cake Looks Delicious

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  6. kristen.

    i think its disgusting just like all those cake shows!! the cooks touch it like crazy!! i dnt care how good it looks i will never eat a “fancy” cake with nasty dirty filthy hands all over it!!!

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