Rubik’s Cube Cake Looks Delicious


The Rubik’s Cube has never looked so tasty, colorful and sweet. It brings the most popular puzzle cube ever to a birthday party with one question in mind: Is there a solution?

Made by Tanya, this beautiful masterpiece probably made Karolina very happy…I know I would have been. When asked about the cake, she had some feedback about how it was made and brought together:

The chocolate cake was cut from a 250 x 350 cm slab tin, each square is 6″ and 2″ high, the top two tiers are on a small cake board for support. Covered in chocolate buttercream and black fondant, the colored squares were cut using a ribbon cutter then adhered to the cake with a little water. I used a metal ruler to mark an indented line between each row. I would recommend using a real Rubik cube to get the colored squares in the right place, this cake is impossible to solve!

Sorry to tell you, I know the easiest solution ever: just pig out and clean it up all alone.

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Thanks Tanya for the images and information…this cake looks amazing!