World’s First Invisible Skoda Car


If ever you wondered how you could get past all the cops trying to chase you on the highway, you must perhaps contact art student Sara Watson. She recently painted a run down Skoda Fabia to match the car park. The car park is located at the entrance of her art studio and you would miss seeing her car parked outside, because it is almost invisible!

The lady has done such a commendable job that the application of painting on the car has resulted in an optical illusion which turns the car invisible. Apparently, a lot of people have begun to bump into the car and thus, it is having its desired effect of being invisible. Though one may think Sara has used computer technology to create this amazing illusion, she has not and instead has put in a lot of efforts and sweat to paint the car to invisibility.

Perhaps now you know why you must contact Sara Watson if you plan to evade the cops on the street. Of course, since your car would be moving, the paint must also change every fraction of a second. Maybe that would be the next part of her project where she would try to make moving objects invisible by creating such illusions with paint and blending.

Via: Telegraph