New Transformers Shoes from Nike


Remember when they said in the movie Transformers – “Nobody makes electronics like the Japanese…. they understand the Zen behind it”. Well the Japanese have outdone themselves again…  one look at the new Nike transformer shoes and you will know what I mean!!  One moment you are looking at a Nike jogger shoe and the next moment you see it turning into a splendid AutoBot.


I wonder if there is something that can let you witness the whole Transformation of a shoe into an armed Robot with a simple push of button.The sleek and clever design of the transformer is praise-worthy to no end. The shoe comes in two color combination – Black-gray and Orange-white. The compact design is what gives it the uber cool transforming configuration.  AND did I mention that you can’t wear it!!!




Go a step ahead and check the Transformer PC case Mod which is equally awe-inspiring.

Via Toxel