Terminator Salvation: Terminator Motorcycle


With Terminator Salvation all set to release in May 2009, the terminator mood is being set in. First we saw the Terminator Theme Gadgets and Terminator Skeleton Bicycle. Now here is a conceptual design for Terminator Salvation Motorcycle by Titan Books.


Ducati Hypermotard is a concept bike loaded with dangerous weapons. It can become a total killer machine with a robot riding it. The robot looks scary with red lights and it seems to be on a lethal mission. The bike design itself is very futuristic. It surely will inspire more video games with bot fights or toys. I guess it is time to get ready for Terminator bot on the wheels to attack on your senses.


Any Terminator series diehard fan waiting for the release of Terminator Salvation will love this design and the power of the bot. These Moto-Terminators will surely fire imagination of young geeks. It is the ultimate killer machine design, if it got in to wrong hands and there is absolutely no human control over it. Quite a scary thought! Unfortunately it is still a concept and may never be manufactured.

Via Automotto