NES USB Controller Lets You Play NES Games on Your Computer


There has always been a certain attraction towards all things old school and the Retro NES USB Controller is no exception. One may have seen a number of controllers with fancy technologies like Bluetooth, motion sensors and what not! Those were the days when a boring Sunday afternoon consisted of NES, soda pop, TV and friends fighting over the controller. With multiplayer games and hi-tech consoles, those innocent pleasures of life have long vanished. However, the pull of the old school is too hard to resist, let us assume.

The very look of the good old NES controller turned into a USB gadget is something cool. You could use this with your laptop and recreate nostalgic memories of old skool gaming. The newfangled USB has replaced the standard NES plug and can be used with MAME and NES emulators. You would not require any drivers and it perfectly recreates the original NES version much to the delight of old timers.

If you were wondering where to get hold of Free NES Games, we had posted an article on that subject earlier. You could also check out the NES Games Emulator, which goes well with this. You can go ahead and use this with a USB plug and not worry about connectivity. The Retro NES USB Controller costs $29.99 at and is well worth purchasing.