Where the Wild Things Are Kubrick Figures


With the movie, Where Wild Things Are, set to release in October 2009, MediCom is planning to launch a whole new range of Kubrick figure toys based on the wild characters of the fairy tale.  This is indeed good news for Kubrick figures collectors.


Where Wild Things Are is a fairy tale by Maurice Sendak about a little mischievous boy Max who enters the world of imagination after his mother sends him to his room without supper. In his imaginary adventure he creates a forest, ocean and sails away to a land of imaginary monsters called the Wild Things. He is finally crowned their ruler. It is these Wild Things which will feature as Kubrick figures, each approximately 2” tall. There are Bearbrick figures too for the bearish style fans. Fans can also opt for combined set.


MediCom has also designed stylish Max as Real Action Hero standing 12” tall.  There will be added figures of loving characters present in the original book. You will have to wait till October to get the Wild Things and their crowned Prince Max home!

Via Previews World