New PS3 Rumor: Introducing the PS3 Slim

[Update: Unfortunately, the images of the rumored new PS3 Slim have had to be removed so perhaps they were truly similar to the upcoming redesign of the new PS3. You can check the sources provided if the images are still present. We apologize for the inconvenience.]

Is this the new PS3 Slim? Is this the rumored upcoming PS3 console we are waiting so patiently for? These images don’t show to much but leave our mind to imagine and hope.

It is about time that Playstation will come out with a new PS3 console, for it is popular enough, been around long enough and dammit…we want something new. These so-called “leaked” images may be a glimpse of what the new PS3 slim really will be or some ideas of what we should look for.

At the moment, not much information is officially given, but at least we have something new to feast our eyes on…as little as it is. C’mon now, we want a PS3 slim just like the Playstation 2 continued to come out with new design.

Via: PS3Maven Via: Gizmodo

5 thoughts on “New PS3 Rumor: Introducing the PS3 Slim

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  2. unknown.

    hw much will the new ps3 slim cost in uk and whn will it cme out and will it be able to play ps2 games on it

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