NES Portable Gaming Console Uses Regular NES Cartridges


NES fans have finally have an official solution to the bulky old gaming console…a portable handheld NES console for old school games on the go.

This great portable NES is not like the portable N64 we have seen, for it is an official product and not a Nintendo mod. It sports an actual mini 2.4″  LCD screen, so although games are just 8 bit, it would look brighter. Moreover, it takes regular AA batteries, which means it could easily be taken with you anywhere you want to have your NES with you.

The Handheld Nintendo Entertainment System uses the regular old NES cartridges from back in the 80’s, so it would mean it is time to open up that old treasure box in the bank with all your Nintendo collection of games.

With built in speakers, audio jack, TV out feature and a beautiful design, this retro NES portable is a great find for $49.99 at