World’s Largest Etch a Sketch


Those who are into sketching (and even those who are not) have always found ‘Etch a Sketch’ a fun pastime. No one could resist trying sketching on one of those toys that was really famous during the baby boom. However, those days are long gone and now it is time for geekish stuff.

While Etch a Sketch was quite geekish during the 1950s, nothing can match the gigantic Etch a Sketch designed by Jeri Ellsworth. It comes with a superb 52 inch projection television and guarantees you to have loads of fun on that giant screen. She also used tent poles, golf tee, gear reduced motors and some amazing patience to put all these things together. Using aluminum powder, the sketcher does its job well.

In the future, Jeri plans to enable the giant Etch a Sketch for IRC bot control. In the video she gives a clear description as to how it was assembled and built and how well it can be used to have unending fun. I am sure the old folks from the days of babyboom would not appreciate this geekish reduction of Etch a Sketch.

Via geeky-gadgets Via HackADay