World of Warcraft Pod: Even Geeks Need a Home


For those geeks who are addicted to Online games like World of Warcraft and hate being away even for eating meals this artistic WoW Pod could be your gaming home – complete with toilet and food for you and your virtual avatar. In fact your virtual avatar will even help you prepare the food too!


Unbelievable?  Yes, a MIT PhD researcher had made this artistic WoW Pod design. Though still a concept and an art piece it will surely be a huge commercial success with gamers and geeks. Right inside the bedroom you could have this cozy WoW Pod installed. This can be your ultimate den with ‘Do not disturb’ board for that undisturbed day and night Online gaming wars on World of Warcraft. Best part is your gaming avatar will help you with food and all other instructions and also behave according to food you consume! This really blurs line between real and virtual. That’s so scary and geeky.


The art cubicle itself seems to be part of the virtual game and geeks can really become avatars by entering them and forgetting the real world. At the same time digital avatars can become real enough to help the gamers and respond to the food consumed by the gamers. Can such bridges be really made between real and virtual world?

Via Crunchgear