Productivity and Multitasking Made Easy with Ubiquity [Firefox Add On]


The problem with Internet is, it contains an unimaginable amount of information but there is hardly a decent and friendly way to compile all that you want in one single and understand entity. You might have faced a lot of problems while trying to send your friend directions over the net or email. This friend may be new in town or may not be familiar with the place you have just mentioned to him. You would ideally mention the name of the place of the rendezvous, perhaps a restaurant. After that, you may add a link, which reveals the map, and another link, which contains reviews.


All this would result in a set of links that make your email look cluttered, and worse, like spam. You may argue that Mashups help but actually they are static and may not help in all the circumstances. Mozilla Labs have unveiled their new service called Ubiquity. The Ubiquity is a browser add on which aims at making your Internet as orderly and ‘jointed’ as possible. It helps you compile all the information and send it across to the people you would want to.


If one were to consider the above situation, Ubiquity allows you to add a map with the cafe/restaurant highlighted, and add a good review within the email and thus your friend would not have to go through a series of clicking processes. The highlight of the add on is to empower the user to control the subjective experience with language based instructions. It also enables users to manipulate existing open Web APIs and create on demand and user generated mashups.

Ubiquity helps you to multitask and bring mashups in your email. It also allows you to visualize the web your way, and you make Internet seem like a more organized place in a subjective manner. It helps you translate from other languages while emailing and also helps with lookups. The coolest feature Ubiquity must be its ability to help you with tinyurls. Of course, this cannot be the permanent solution to making Internet a more organized and less jointed experience. However, until some other service comes up, Ubiquity seems like a good idea!

Thanks Tamir for the info!