New Transformers Qosmio Netbook USB Hub


The New Transformers movie should be released sooner across the globe and the world will be full of transforming gadgets by then. It is actually kinda cool to have several uses of a single gadget, but only if it has several different uses.

For example, the Qosmio Netbook, which transforms into a 4 port USB hub, and looks like the Autobot – Blaster, isn’t really a transformer at all, since the Netbook does not work, obviously so, since its screen splits into three to become the 4 port USB hub, which hopefully does work, the alien robot though; will look great as the center piece of the table.

For once, this transforming gadget does not steal the show, since it does not find any new use, and is definitely not cool enough to leave a mark…unless you are looking for really cool USB Hubs. For other cool Tranformer gadgets, make sure to check out the amazing Ravage Transformer USB or the Transformers Laser Mouse.

Via: TechFresh Via: Gizmodo Via: CraziestGadgets