New PSP Go Rumors: Images and Video Leaked


The rumors about the new PSP game console, entitled PSP Go, are being released by the minute, and here are gathered some images, video and some details about this exciting new announcement about a different looking Playstation Portable.

The new PSP Go finally grants a new look to the loved Playstation Portable and supposedly will get rid of the UMD slot that seems so last decade. The images show a featured slider portable console that is designed a bit more stylish than before and somehow looks as if you get more within a more compact version of the PSP update.

What more? Just as an example, the new Sony Playstation Portable will house an internal 16GB of memory, so it will be a lot more convenient to download games, movies and music to always have it with you while on the go. It should still feature an external memory slot (just in case) and is looking to add Bluetooth connectivity…woohoo accessories extravaganza.

Since it is a slider, then the buttons are closer together in their own area of usability. Well…until further information is made public, you have the images in the gallery plus the new PSP video to gather some of your own rumors and get excited about Sony all over again.

Via: PS3Maven