Super Mario Galaxy 2 Revealed for the Wii


Finally Nintendo announced at E3 that a new Super Mario Galaxy 2 is being developed and should be released in 2010…no word yet on exact date.

Nintendo and Wii fans can reunite now with such exciting news of Super Mario making a comeback to the Wii console. It has been a while since we have seen our favorite plumber, and this time Yoshi will show its cute face as well.

Many claim this feels like a recycled version of the first Super Mario Galaxy, but we will just have to wait to be sure. My optimistic side thinks it wouldn’t be released all the way in 2010 if it was truly just reusing old parts and rehashing them to make a new game. In the meantime, there is this short trailer to introduce the upcoming exciting Super Mario Brothers announcement besides the recent Wii Punchout.

Pre-order Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii for only $49.99.