Pacman Game Takes Over Manhattan


Pacman continues to be loved by many old school gamers and is provided many different tributes and remakes. Although this specific Pacman game is not as funny as the French Pacman parody, it is a great way to bring the game into reality.

This development of Pacman was done by NYU Interactive Telecommunication Program students who decided to bring Pacman into the streets of Manhattan. In the streets of NY a game of tag is played with one student being Pacman and four others take over the roles of the different ghosts.

It was noticed that Washington Square Park in the area of NYU is really similar to the popular map of the Pacman game, so this space was used to play the game in real life. Pacman now has to maneuver through the congested streets of Manhattan, dodging bystanders to achieve the ultimate goal.

The video below explains in depth how the game is conducted includes some real visuals of the hectic maneuvering required by the gamers/students.

Via: UniqueDaily