Adobe CS3 Magnet Set


Adobe CS3 is one of the most popular photo, illustration and editing software currently available and spin off items have been created, such as this Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop magnet sets.

These two separate sets grant loyal Adobe Creative Suite users a chance to have some fun with some of the software windows but truly hands on. Switch, play, move windows around on your fridge or magnetic backboard to get a better view of the project at hand.


This is not an interactive way to come up with some Photoshop editing or AI creations, but another way to bring your favorite editing software to life made by Meninos. Major fans would love such an item, as they did with the previous Photoshop tie and Photoshop Evolution that shows the progress of the Adobe Photoshop over the years.

Each Magnet set is available for $25 at, provided in separate sets.