Nintendo Gameboy Look-alike DS-Lite Pouch Design


If you are anything like me, then you most likely miss your Nintendo DS–Lite in school, and there is a cool Nintendo gameboy case look alike thanks to Janis13 that is made as a Nintendo DS–Lite pouch. This is something that even your teacher may welcome, what do you say?

The pouch is made up of different colored felt appliques which are hand sewn together to give it a more realistic and 3-D feel. Made exactly of the same size as the DS-Lite, with dimensions of 4” x 6 1/2”, the pouch provides the precise room for holding the DS-Lite. Also, the pouch has enough space to house some stationary, an iPod, your glares, a small digicam and many more stuffs.

To add a customized touch to your pouch, Janis13 is ready to make a pouch of your choice of color. This pouch is up for grabs on Etsy for 14$. While you may be able to buy two or more pouches for this price, burning a small hole in your pockets for this novelty will make sure your penny doesn’t goes in for a toss. What’s more? The producer is also ready to make pouches the size of the original DS and also that of a PSP for a mere 2$ extra.