Steampunk PS3 Mod Design


As if we needed any more Steampunk Art or PS3 mods and creations, Damnation brought up a great looking Steampunk PS3 Mod for all to appreciate, envy and respect.

Created with the importance of the warranty in mind, all additions, changes and items were added to the outside of the PS3, as to keep the warranty intact and ready for use (just in case).

The PS3 began with a wood veneer and then grew with outside attachments including:

old radio valve, a pipe valve, a pressure gauge, assorted brass plumbing parts and some trim. The wood veneer was then aged with a few coats of varnish.

The final look of this Playstation Mod is a Steampunk style that is not overly done. It does grant the PS3 its own theme, uniqueness and amazing finish and is definitely something I would wish for as my Playstation gaming console.

Via: PS3Maven Via: Maduncle