Inside the Elusive Darth Vader Mask


If you had always wanted to wear Star Wars Darth Vader’s mask and did not know if it would be comfortable enough, here is how the inside of a Darth Vader mask looks. Though one can’t be too sure if this mask is available commercially and if so, where you could actually find it, I would say the inside of the mask does not look very comfortable.

There is a psychoanalytic connection between masks and bad people. Take for example the “Persona” as described by Cal Jung, who says most people hide their evil nature by wearing a Persona.

However, Darth would certainly not need any masks to hide his sinister qualities. The mask here seems to have some luminosity around the eye region to make the wearer look more sinister. Unfortunately I do not see any opening for the mouth region and if you plan to eat or drink while wearing the mask, you might as well forget it.

In the first place no one really knows where this mask was found and what it looks like from the front. if you happen to know who made this mask, what it looks like from the front, and if it really is not a Darth Vader mask and is rather a Slipknot mask as some readers have suggested at My Confined Space, do let us all know!

If you were looking for an available morbid mask, you could try the steampunkish but extremely scary Darth Vader Gas Mask. If the idea of wearing masks, that too Darth’s, make you sick and claustrophobic, try the Darth Vader Alarm Clock which is quite tame and non-invasive though extremely cool.