Robotic Transformers Toy May Indicate Multi Functional Bots in Future


Eerily named “Homage” this android has the unique ability to switch from being a humanoid robot to being a jet plane, and you may not see the connection but if you introspect a little, you would realize that this may foresee the future of multi-functioning robots. Today, robots are just toys for the sake of entertainment like the iPod Touch Robot or the Giant Ant Hexapod Robot.

However, it has already become commonplace to see robots in industrial settings, households and elsewhere in countries like Japan. So, it should not be a surprise to see the robots being used for not just a single function but for two or more functions. For example, a robot may serve food during lunch and dinner and when not being expected to serve you, it may convert itself into a flying machine that catches satellite signals for your TV. Thus, Homage may give clues about the robotic industry’s future.


A cool and decent toy, Homage costs $2,000 and lot of people may not able to afford it. Homage measures 17 inches when it stands tall it almost sings a requiem to the older generations of humanoids and robots which were assigned just one task. Homage on the other hand may signify a new beginning for robots when they will begin to have two or more functions just like it can stand and also transform into a jet plane.

Via: Tech Chee