Cellphone Façade May Indicate Geekish Architectural Building Trends


Japanese architecture is known for its idiosyncrasies and the best example must be that of this building which has been covered with a façade to look like a man clutching a giant cellphone; the façade looks almost real, and is an indication of the geek culture that has permeated the Japanese society.

The building houses an electronics store and is located in the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo. Tokyo may certainly not be affordable even for many rich businessmen and it comes as a surprise to see that an electronics store could have such a huge building all for itself. In fact, Tokyo has been consistently ranked the most expensive city in the world until Moscow pushed the Ninja city to the second ranking.

If you are interested in modern Japanese architecture, Ginza shopping district in central Tokyo is one o the best places to visit. If you would however like to visit and admire medieval Japanese architecture untouched by Neon signboards and modern high rises, you really should visit Imperial Kyoto, which is also known as the cultural capital of Japan.

We may soon start to see buildings that have been designed in a geekish style instead of the traditional Bauhaus or Art Deco styles that are usually used to build edifices in large cities. Perhaps “Geek” is the new cool of the architectural world and it is already beginning to happen in Tokyo! The cool architecture of Tokyo and the paradise that it seems to be for all things geekish does not solve its traffic woes. Thus, Tokyo has its own Robot Parking Lots.

Via: Unplggd