Cool Dexter TV Show Action Figures


If you have always wanted to live by the Code of Harry and loved Dexter more than you loved any other TV show hero, you would be amazed to know the existence of cool Dexter Action Figures available online. While we have seen several Action Figures dedicated to characters from popular video games, we usually do not see merchandise dedicated to Dexter.

The Dexter 7-Inch Action Figure is an awesome fanboy merchandise which comes with interchangeable arms which allows you to turn him into a blood splatter expert a minute and a killer the other minute. The figure also comes with all the accessories associated with him like a knife, a body bag, ID Badge, a blood smile and that psychopathic killer smile. What’s more, it has even been approved by none other than Michael C. Hall personally.


A more sinister version of the action figure is available too, and is called the Dexter (The Dark Defender) Action Figure which is based on Season 2 of the Dexter TV Show. The Dark Defender comes with a knife and a real cloth cloak which adds to the love-hate feeling we experience when we see such charismatic and lovable psychopathic serial killers.

The Dexter 7-Inch Action Figure costs $16.99 and The Dark Defender costs $19.99. If you were looking for other Dexter merchandise we have featured, you must check out the Freaky Dexter Bobble Head. If you are a geekish Dexter fanboy, check out the Gory Dexter iPhone.