Edelweiss Case Mod for Surrealistic Geeks


Surrealism and being a geek don’t really go hand in hand but Pius Giger thinks otherwise as shown in this meticulously designed Edelweiss PC case mod which is something that shocks your mind and forces you to not believe that it is after all just a PC. On one hand it superimposes ideas of science fiction and futuristic gadgets and on the other hand it seems to explore the ideas of a computer that has streaks of exhibitionism within it.

The case mod has been designed tasteful and bares all the internal parts in an artistic manner. It is more like the voyeuristic geek’s dream coming true, as one could easily see what lies behind the veneer of a normal PC case. The Edelweiss not only reveals the innards of a computer but it also harks back at the days of modernism where industrial machines were given a magical to7uch by French and other European artists. Likewise, Pius has paid his tribute to the modern day cultural symbol that computers have become with his Edelweiss PC Case Mod.

The glowing red lights, the visible innards, the meticulously designed lines and cuts lead to the overall captivating effect of the case mod. One of the case mods that I find totally kick ass is the Bumblebee Case Mod that almost looks like the result of an art student’s dedicated piece of work. Though a little outdated, the Steampunk Desktop Mod is another such creative piece of work that pays tribute to a certain period of time.

Via: New Launches