Firefox 3.5 Released and Ready for Download


Firefox has just unveiled Version 3.5 of its Internet Browser and this comes at a time when Internet Explorer is at loggerheads with other browsers to create a niche for itself; nevertheless, Firefox 3.5 promises many new and improved features. It supports new web technologies, improved performance and is amazingly easy to use. Version 3.5 has two important changes relating to privacy and speed.


The latest release comes with new private browsing which lets you browse without leaving a trace. Moreover, pages load faster and use less memory and hence Firefox promises “Super Speed”. Security features like Anti-Phishing and Anti-Malware are improved and you could also have an Instant Web Site ID to avoid scams and forgeries. Browsing the web has become a much easier task with this release and you could manage tabs by just dragging your mouse. Of course, there would be thousands of ad-ons to customize easily.

If you are not too sure about upgrading into the next version, you could download, try and revert to the previous release if you are not happy with this release. Nevertheless, Firefox has some really interesting and new features which need to be experienced firsthand before deciding against it. You could download Firefox 3.5 here. You could also try the previous Firefox 3.1 Beta if you do not like Firefox 3.5. You may as well try the Ubiquity Firefox Add On for increased productivity and multitasking.