Barbarian Helmet for Bloodthirsty Motorcycle Bikers

barbarian motorcycle helmet

Bikers are a law unto themselves, and these speed-crazy individuals can invoke fear in the toughest people with just the size of their humongous and terrifying riding machines. Their preference for leather jackets and pants also make them the hottest dudes on the planet. The only thing missing to complete the look of grunge ruggedness was a cool motorcycle helmet.

The Barbarian is the ultimate helmet for the true biker at heart. Splattered with a copious amount of blood, these strong helmets from Lord-knows-way-back-when are further fortified with 13 spikes (did I say 13?). The helmets carry a snake-like charm, lent to it by the criss-crossing reptilian pattern from which burst the ugly and wicked spikes. The Barbarian is so cool even Hagar the Horrible would throw away his horned helmet if he could buy this from looting England!

If you’re a crash-friendly fellow then you definitely need to get yourself this. Think about it; the more blood you add to this helmet through accidents, the more you give it character and (dare I say) elegance. Just spend $175 and buy one of the three colors offered in the size of your skull and you won’t regret it. Not even when your most wicked stunt goes horribly wrong and your helmet is all that survives.

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Product Via: FashionablyGeek