Hellboy Mask: Unleash the Beast Within

hellboy mask

The only thing even slightly boyish about Hellboy is his name, and that is where the boyishness ends, and his demonic side begins although it may rarely surface and he may express insane anger only on occasions. But overall, Hellboy is a complicated character in limbo between escaping demonhood and becoming human.

No wonder Hellboy has jumped out of the comic pages and made his presence known on the big screen. Miss Pyro Liz may have a soft corner for him but he is feared and avoided just as much by others. His life is a warped existence as part of an experiment to prove the superiority of nurture over nature. If you’re feeling as much an outsider as Hellboy feels amongst humankind all the time, the Hellboy overhead adult mask may make you feel better. Complete with chiseled horns and the expression of a perpetual grunt, the Hellboy mask will make you feel one with the beast within.

No doubt this will send all the children in your neighborhood crying for their mommies, but at least now you know that you are not the only one the lowly humans loathe. This product from Morris costume is listed (mistakenly) as a child’s product and will cost you $33. You might want to get yourself a spiked tail to go with the mask, to truly get into the mood of isolation and confusion that Hellboy suffers each day.